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Podcast Review Day, PodRevDay
Podcast Review Day, a monthly podcast listener participation day
#PodRevDay, Podcast Review Day, is the audio companion to the review sharing event on Twitter monthly. On the 8th of every month podcast listeners participate by writing a review anywhere AND sharing it on Twitter #PodRevDay.

NOTE: This is NOT a day for Podcasters to promote their podcasts but a day for them to sit back and receive the praise for their hard work. And to put on their podcast listener hats and review other podcasts, of course.

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Stephanie Fuccio

I am a podcast addict turned Host, Producer, Editor and Social Media Experimenter. All of my podcasts are driven by my own curiosity to know about things like language, coffee, books, podcasting, and more with a global point of view. Thus, I often chat with guests from many different places worldwide about these topics.